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114 Union Street
G1 3QQ

Phone: 0141 221 7993

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Gold starGrey starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Edinburgh) on 20 September 2011
Avoid Fineholm at all costs, you can find more (55!) negative reviews here: When we moved in our flat it was partly in a disgusting condition and I say this as a person who isn't obsessive with cleaning. We found pubic and other hair under the mattress, used female underwear and socks (I have pictures as proof). The bedroom and bathroom carpet had to be replaced as well as these were simply gross. During our tenancy several things had to be repaired in the flat. Initially we tried to discuss the issues with Fineholm but we were just confronted with absurd statements and an unfriendly behavior. It was impossible to find a reasonable solution with Fineholm and from then on we always discussed issues directly with the helpful landlord and avoided contacting Fineholm (Employees we spoke to: Mandy Beard, Joanne Wood). If you are still a tenant of a flat which is managed by Fineholm, I strongly suggest you to find out your landlords contact details and always speak to the landlord directly. Fineholm will initially refuse to let you know the landlord's contact details but insist on that and let them know that by law you have a right to know it. After we moved out the saga continues. We only received 65% of our deposit.They charged us with cleaning costs although the flat has been cleaned extremely carefully. We spoke with the new tenants and they told us that they couldn't see any difference in tidiness after the professional cleaning has been carried out. They first visited the flat before it was cleaned by Fineholm and moved in after the work has been carried out. Furthermore they charged us with repair costs for the entry door as it was allegedly jammed. However the entry door was in a fully functional condition but the key had to be turned to the right and not to the usual left side to open the lock. Due to their incompetence they were unfortunately not able to figure out something simple like that. On top of that they are trying to charge us for several allegedly missing inventory items which we were able to locate with the new tenants. Fineholm’s employees were just incapable of locating these within the flat although these items were very easy to find. Property owners / Landlords should stay away from Fineholm as well. Fineholm will always carry out specific repairs/cleaning which is in their interest and which benefits them most and not the landlord or the tenant. Of course they do have their partner companies and receive a commission from these for every repair/cleaning done. Landlords should also carefully check if any cleaning or repair costs are appropriate for the carried out work. After reading the previous reviews and meeting two former Fineholm tenants personally which had a similar experience I start to believe that such mismanagement techniques seem to be the way how the try to stay profitable. Save yourself the trouble and stay away from Fineholm, there are enough nice flats in Edinburgh which are managed by reliable letting agencies. (1/5)

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