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194 Bath Street
G2 4LE

Phone: 08000 217 517

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Letting Agents & Property Managers in Glasgow , Bath Street in Glasgow

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Gold starGold starGrey starGrey starGrey star by (Glasgow) on 12 September 2012
I have to use Speirs Gumley as a factor as they manage the buildings in which l own a property. They are good at invoicing but no work seems to get done. They hire substandard trades people that have not been vetted or even qualified to carry out the work no sooner the trades person has left that the work has to be redone and we are forced to pay again!!. I had problems with the buildings insurance as l had to make a claim for water damage the factor gave the insurance company the wrong details so they could not find me in the end a solicitor had to trace me. We are never asked to pay in a nice way just sent a demand for payment. I find the factor as much use as a chocolate teapot l do not think they could organise a pie from Greggs. As Speirs Gumley are the factor to the building that l live in was a natural choice as letting agents or so l thought big mistake. They bought items for the property without approval no matter the cost they hired a tiller on my behalf to do a small tiling job in the kitchen as l just had new windows fitted the job was done by a cowboy who even badly damaged the window sills work cost 202.80 an independent trades person in that field informed that the tiles cost 20 for that job but the guy used the wrong ones. I now have to replace the tiling work that was done and the window sills out of my own pocket. Problems only came to my attention once the tenants vacated the property an inventory was not prepared prior to tenants moving in or moving out of the property no inspection was done after the 6 month letting period as promised. I noticed straight way the damage to the property and informed Jacqueline Balogun who was supposed to manage the property (jacqueline is also a director of the company) She got all defensive and just gave excises and no answers to any of my questions the cleaners took three attempts to clean the property before l could take it back. Below is a list of items they missed. Large hole in wall; Glass light shade in bedroom smashed was new; Two lampshades broken; Smoke detector damaged and disabled was brand new; shower cord missing was new; Glass panel in dresser missing; Heater beyond repair was new; Toaster broken was new; Shower switch missing; Timer switch for heating tampered with and broken; Vacuum cleaner broken was new. There was items that where removed/stolen from the property that was never recovered. My complaints where never resolved or dealt with in a proper manner l was treated like a child as if l where the problem. In the years that l have been using letting agents Speirs gumley have proved to be the worsted by far l have ever encountered or even heard of. I would not recommend their company as a factor; selling agent or even letting agent due to the unprofessionalism shown & displayed what l encountered was shameful and appalling. On a last note l have received from Speirs Gumley confidential information that was sent to me by mistake on clients three by post and one by e-mail that contained clients bank details, credit checks; copy of pasport;and references when l informed speirs gumley all l got was a threatening and rude e-mail. Makes you wonder who else is receiving this sort of information and treatment. (2/5)

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