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It sounds like spring of the year and my wife is playing it now. I'm I'm not an expert on the on the owl size, but I I would guess they they probably fledged out of the nest just a day or two before these pictures were taken.

They can go back to that presentation and and help you know do something interesting but help us as well just identify what what we have in the Park Dwight do you know if if any of those apps can identify birds by sound by any chance? He does have a White eye, but only the adults have the White eye that you can see in escorte asian montreal pitch or the immaturely.

Yes, this class is on summer birds and when we say summer birds, these are birds that are arriving in the spring right now, most of those birds that I that I. This is a Baltimore Oreo Oreo is build pendulous nest so they they like to get a fork of a tree and then left the nest hang between be under the fork and and it may hang three to four inches with the orchard Oreo with the Baltimore oil. Most fly catchers only have two, but alabama escourts this Bird has the rust under his wing and it under his tail.

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That's one of the most common sounds in the southern Woods in the summer. This is a warbler and might be our last wobblers. Alright Alabaja, thank you to everybody who ed in the chat and let us comments and questions and thank you for visiting museums from your home.

I am financially secure, outgoing, like best conversations, very romantic, like son, like animals, I will We alaabma chat about whatever you like. It's a beautiful face. It's you never know what you'll see and some of them regularly we we've named them so we have Karen here at the pond for several years and a few regrets.

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So now we'll do the first wood Bird. Now, he looks a lot like the personal story warmer which I don't have a picture of today but the profit. Around are there any large birds to come out to Mountainville like Hawks?

She has a lot of Woods in her yard. This is our a,abama warbler and I have several Warblers listed here in the Woods.

It's very cheap in the store to buy a cake of suit and I see the birds coming to the suit as much as I do to the seed feeders, but a millet is good and then, of course the thistle no registration personals the fences in the winter time. I don't have that he makes one of the most unique sounds of of all the birds she's playing it now.

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Okay, now the Brown thrasher, which I don't have only does it twice but with occasional three times, Okay, this is the orchard Oreo. If you have any questions adylt birds or birds that are found in Mountainville we've got some people here who can answer your questions.

Bye everybody. And he sounds talk three.

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He has the black collar on the back of his neck. There he is the Cardinal everybody knows he's the state Bird of seven States and just one of the most beautiful birds that he comes to the feeder.

The award winning Moundville Native American Festival, held each fall, is the park's most prestigious $6-Students; $7-Seniors; $8-Adults; Free-Five and under. Dwight I actually have some questions because I know the Office of Archaeological Research down at Mountainville spotted some outlets recently some baby out.

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It's a question that a lot of my students at Allie asked I like black sunflower seed that's. The next Bird now Manville has five habitats here and that's why it's such a good place to watch birds. Filipina ladyboys are not exactly his mother or his father and he wears this for a year until he molds for the first time and and gets the orange color, but he can sing and I thought I had a new Bird.

Book me have it in May It's usually the end of May so if we're hoping that it still goes on, but if it does not we will definitely have it again next year and we will more than likely have some sort of birth burning tour at Melville with 20 and alright, and I give tours all the time with my class my Ollie class.

I don't know if I'm gonna share that Green with you all but I'll see you once it pops up. Yeah, you had mentioned earlier too that we moudnville a lot of those lot at you know under the deck they nest under the deck guest and we will get dozens of them that will do that. Yeah and I will say a lot of our summer program. I recently heard of 11 of virginia chat room Birding students told me that she had seen one I have not tried one that will identify by sound, but they thought that they will identify by sight if you put a picture in and and many people even if they're not they're self discovered this in the lab.

This is the Northern Parola he has heard much more than he's seen and he's been heard.

A good grip on the frog and he kept trying to get a better grip and want one time the frog escaped and hopped off. It has the Woods and we have nice trails through the Woods and the edge and which is the edge of the field and the Alabaka and then River birds amount overlooks the Black Warrior River and then swamp in Lake the shoals personals We'll talk about the birds in each one of these habitats, so we'll go to the next slide now and we'll do the field birds and this is a picture of of Mountainville and to give you a perspective of of how big it is the White Dot on the road as a person walking if you can see that.

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We have a cheap asian escort sydney today, so would you like? But unlike sparrows, he has the the beautiful color of yellow Okay. Life, including including birds you see you know quite a few birds depicted in stone textiles ceramics here at Malcolm Well, so they were very aware of of you know dhat importance of of these these you know their birds, birds, flora and fauna.

State Bird for six States beautiful, black and yellow, but also his song.

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I'll be fortunate to actually see him this year, but I see it. I don't know why he didn't doesn't like Moundvillle England, but he does not influence the morning dog population. Adult girls Sexting online bot Alabama some adult fun in Gilbert or surrounding m4w I'm horny as hell.

So that's why we already have outlets on the ground in April and it's neat that this is on the the mountain property the mask right, there looks like a great horned owl rather than a bar out, and he has some yellow eyes, which he's probably a great horned owl. This one is unique in that he is he moujdville the feathers of an inventory.

Yes and they and they use them in FG in moundgille pottery.