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the Discussion What are your thoughts concerning this film on the history and beliefs of Mormonism?

Talk stream | latter–day saints channel

Mormons want all things about their church to sound fantastic and fairytale-like. It is a great sieve, which sent thousands of immigrants who never knew or heard the Prophet Joseph Smith, across an ocean and a continent to find unity with fellow believers. The way Mormons are taught is to not only believe and rely on every word the present-day prophet teaches, but to live it to an extreme where you can no longer decide what you want to believe.

There is far more to the depth of this subject than "holiness" or "heresy.

Dallin Oaks said himself in this documentary that it's basically unethical to criticize church leaders, even if the information provided is proven to be true. Google Chrome browser at am. I'm looking for alternate forums, chat rooms, etc. It occurred during Midnight Mass in Los Angeles. Murray, UT I was at first excited to see tn escorts a credited informative program was doing an extensive look at the origins and development of our church.

This same faith I have today, because their sacrifices live in me today.

Mormons to hold major conference without attendees | chat news today

First of all the aspect of "Plural Marriage" versus "Celestial Marriage". Where was the mrmons that Smith falsely said that Egyptian Hieroglyphics were a message from God but were later found to be a routine Egyptian message? I commend PBS for bringing forth historical facts and challenge those who want enlightenment to research all the history, and then come to an informed judjment.

You want the Mormon church to be disproven? Not necessarily LDS per se (although that is great too), but at.

Seeking lds-friendly forums, chat rooms, social media, etc. - tech forum

Consequently, this program may still leave viewers partially mormmons regarding the rise and success of the church and its world-wide appeal. But, with a total of 4 hours of program, spending almost 20 minutes on the Mountain Meadows Massacre may be a little much. These are not the same thing. Religion can proffer such but it truly is something between you and God. Just went to, a pop up to "chat" comes up on the bottom right hand corner.

that I can encourage her to visit. The U. votes, 24 comments. Hopefully Mormons will begin to think for themselves. She is intelligent and a great debater. I just think it always looking for sex chat in frenchtown that these "fundamentalists" follow polygamy, a most un-fundamental caht, but don't live the Word of Wisdom, which is most definitely a fundamental priciple of the church.

Simply marrying multiple partners will most definitely not assure your place in God's Kingdom. mlrmons

The church of jesus christ of latter-day saints

As they often do, a call went up once again today on the infamous 4chan (before you click that link, note that it is indescribably NSFW) to "troll" Mormon chat. David Crest. PBS did a great job of getting the real truth out to the Mormons. I wondered how he was able to reconcile these actions with the Jormons Testament admonition to "give unto Caesar the things that belong to Caesar. adrianna luna escort

Liz Jormons Layton, Utah I was disappointed with the section on plural marriage. A Celestial Marriage is any marriage that begins in the Temple of the Lord and is then worked at by both partners to make it celestial.

The discussion

Why do Mormons so want to be considered as Christians when they do their best to convert Christians to their belief system? If I wanted to know about the Catholic religion, Horny girl paterson chat would ask an active Catholic or a priest, not my ex-Catholic neighbor down the street who hasn't been to church in 15 years and thinks the Pope is a fraud.

This seemed like a recruiting program for the LDS. I would recomend this to anyone that wanted to get to know the mormons.

Did it broaden your understanding of this very American religion? This is the way the mormons really came about, glad I could watch this in Utah and that it wasn't Censored. I have seen God's light in people that came out to me. Where was the fact that no evidence has ever been discovered to document all the North American war that the LDS claims?

Mormon chat on getting frequently trolled by filthy internet nerds | westword

Mormons do not want to believe these true statements from historians, archaeologists and theologists, but you cannot hide from straight facts. Seventh Day Adventists, for example, have been forced by court order to allow medical care for their children.

Why were all the speakers LDS people? If you want to leave a personalthat's great, but please also provide your ward any your bishop's contact information so I can verify that you mormone an active church member with good values and conduct. He or she can read the Book of Mormon and ask God directly whether it is what it claims to be. It presented info from both sides, however all the history of the church that gets mulled over by the church has been presented accurately chaf this film. outcall escort nowra

I wish this documentary would have done the same. I'm looking for alternate forums, chat rooms, etc. It mmormons quite an experience. I.

How president trump reportedly talks about latter-day saints, mitt romney and christians

I still know what I know. No one need depend on PBS, current, or former members of the church to know the truth. Where were non-LDS scholars? For the message is not to be found in facts or history, in the failings or successes of church members or leaders.

If you do you will have a clear and understandable answer that does not conflict with the teachings of Mormanism.