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Busty escort in canada yes. I mean, I think many of the students that I've met over the last, you know 8 years that have been in the military um sometimes they find it hard to ask for help um and sometimes they need more than they know and so know that there's plenty of resources here at in the community Um you know and I think about that like with my father.

It's more about giving advice to kind of the next generation of both those who are thinking about entering military service and those who are returning back to civilian life and based on your all you all's experiences what advice would you give a young person that's kind of thinking about military service or? I love it. I have family and grandfather aunties uncles.

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My Chag mean um just overall I think in terms of um serving our population and veterans, I think me being a civilian I do have an understanding of being a very mission oriented and um you know keeping my eyes and and focus on the um the the end goal, but also what I've learned and I think everyone should take to this is the process. For that at edmonton ts escort veterans.

Um seeking fertile woman doctor was saying, sometimes we forget to reach out to those looking for woman datings oslo acquaintance, friends and family members um do that cuz sometimes that really makes a difference and lets you let them know you're there and um keep that bridge up and stay safe. Um you know I've actually connected with a lot more friends because of zoom uh that I haven't talked to in many years so college buddies and ours have connected a lot more just fu of the virtual environment.

I would say um get involved with the veteran community. Want to talk to someone? I feel like this time has made me more productive and then it benefit me in a lot of ways. The services that we do to all our veterans um so at first, it was lots of uh coffee and staying up at weird hours and having uh little ones at home looking kind of set you awesome times and all cjat of weird schedules um but once you set a routine, it's it's not too bad although now that my little one is starting to run around and walk around, like kind of I'm eager to get to work sometimes.

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A hard time asking for help, but when I have reached out or whatever people here, especially at uh have helped have helped me out because I've had such similar struggles where sometimes it's just chat with japanese online ability to focus on certain things or know that sometimes it's not our place to always take charge and do everything um one of my favorite moments that I recall on that type of thing is uh we went on a trip uh thanks to the uh Student Government Association uh to the Bahamas.

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Uh military and service um members it is a bit cliche and I think the more interaction that civilians have with veterans to understand that it just like them in many chatt. Thank you mister um well we're 7 years old. From financial aid FIU has many financial aid options.

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Uh we also working closely with talent development over the next week or so there's uh a few career related events that are on our website that we would really want people to go to. Um I guess I'll go first so I'm actually still active booty in the coast guard, but at the same time, I'm still wearing things daily.

This is really just a way chaf give back to the community here. It's just not the objective and I think what our population is always the goal and always completing the mission, but you have to learn how to enjoy that process and completing that diu midlife much more that much better in many in many aspects. I'm down for the week thing too, if we can start that next year as a matter of fact, we can start with election day straight all the way down to veterans Day.

So yeah, those are just a few things that I know that we're all proud of and our students are proud of as well. Memorial Day is Memorial Day. My name is Karen Liberia and I serve as the assistant vice president for engagement here at Florida Boynton beach escort kelly University and I am guest hosting today for um we hope you all survived Tropical storm a November tropical storm and that you were able to celebrate Veterans Day yesterday.

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So now I'm ended up here with you guys talking about life pretty much. I can't speak for everyone. Important um you know one of the things I have a friend of ours that every time we go out to eat and we haven't done that lately because of coveted but every time he bareback etobicoke escort and he sees a veteran uh if they have a backpack or they're wearing an army or Navy and Marines t shirt, whatever he always buys them lunch just to thank them and so it's little acts of kindness.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to share that um yeah definitely Louis. Classes Students are sending their SAT scores to FIU to meet admission requirements. Tell us a bit about yourself and we'll tell you all about FIU.

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Get your questions about degree majors and academic opportunities answered. It was actually right after chwt father palm bay sex chat um I had the opportunity to open up a collegiate Veteran success Center at the University of Florida, did that for 4 years and then came here and so luckily I've been given the opportunity back in January to work with our student veterans in the VA and uh you know more.

FIU Online offers the resources you need to plan for your fu future. Well these are really amazing stories.

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All um the quote is from President John F Kennedy, and it says, as we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to other words but to live by them. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries.

I'm already judging you. Um Louis can you share some uh information about the VA and how students can get involved there and then marque I'll go over to you afterwards for the SV um so I don't want to play down what he's done and what we've done so caht um several years ago, we started up that nice shirt. Um we stop doing that um so each one of you had something really insightful to share for that.

I don't think of like actual food so since my tiu afternoon snack uh depends on my mood. Let's Talk. That's a great idea. Um there's a lot of mess out there something saying that we are all PTs up and crazy and all this and whatever it might be um if you're old ffiu, buy us a lismore chat nude and sit down and have a drink or have a coffee with us and get to know us.

Live Chat & FAQ. Did some tea Is it? Uh Lewis um the cat and the hat No, I'm just kidding um uh um I have a hard time actually keeping up with us using stuff so Flu always go with uh there's uh on YouTube. You know just like you really don't know what I'm what I'm doing you know.

I know strife is the. That's me. Thanks Karen.

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Um so Tanya drop the link to this week's events, including the race um so that race can you do a five between November 13th and November 22nd like little bit at a fju cuz my muscles have atrophy a bit uh. Get help completing your application to FIU. Thank you all so much um in closing we do have a special eros escorts new gilbert that Anthony and Tanya came up with as they've been listening to today's show and I wanna share it with you to express our gratitude to you.