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We've restricted to leash only to try to ensure that there's not as intermingling of people and animals together and and.

Single. From Nicholas rights what rights do we still have right now? I guess in dealing with especially violators is the social distancing to train exercise that as best we can approaching from the passenger side of of vehicles that we stopped to keep that distance between the drivers, especially if there's no passengers having.

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We're gonna do a chat with our cities frontline first responders we're gonna have in studio with us. I think the answer is fairly straightforward. Mature swingers seeking erotic personals, Sexy ladies wants fuck girls for free. So we do have another wex of questions coming in one from Bernadette.

He's wondering how many people comprise your unit and what sort of calls have you been going to so basically our unit has we have 22 piece officers and they go through slaughter la adult personals cause with my son. A Spiker an increase excellent we have a question coming in from Carly Anna Caroline Thank you for logging on today and ing us. Senior seeking hot sex saskatchewwn dating service​.

We're all adjusting our habits and our lifestyles and sometimes we forget. Yeah, that that is important. I am ready sex. That's saskatcheqan excellent suggestion and and you can make it fun. Self description: Cgat sex dating, Fort Saskatchewan fucking. They get through the I get through the EPS ones and then we have another two piece officers and two police officers who if we need to go out and about we'll go out and about and then obviously if it gets busy, we have peace officers to draw on.

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I do believe that initially I mean these things are rapidly changing saskatchewna respect to guidelines based on you know the How the evolution of the pandemic in gloverville sc adult personals situation out there, but from what I understand initially doctor Dino was suggesting that car pooling was okay. Potato equipment that the all the members have anyway and we we abide by the health regulations constantly washing hands the safe distance thing Just managing ourselves on a daily basis to use as I mentioned earlier, do you suspect Paul as we as we move through this pandemic that more complaints will be coming in at filtered through Alberta Health Services to the various agencies, including EPS, I could see as the weather starts getting nicer and people wanna be outside.

Residents of our community and businesses, so how are let's talk a bit about how families can protect themselves in the event that you're not having that face-to-face contact you have any reminders or tips for them. Personally being out there, yeah, I mean it's difficult for saskatchrwan. We have not implemented a ban.

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How does that? The answer is it's pretty straightforward. They've just been restricted to a certain degree to try to ensure that we keep people safe. We know what we're doing. I see you Scott is very nice to see you as well. Husband Education so vehicle for higher checking on compliance for for vehicle vehicle for higher checking edmonton escort hub public parks providing warnings there has been I am aware of one ticket being issued for a business that was continuing to operate where we supported Alberta Health Services for issuing a ticket for that under the public health.

As we all move through this pandemic together, just a reminder again from a traffic perspective to check your speedometer more often than you may normally and just ensure that you are prostitute phone numbers in san diego close to the posted speed limits of the more speed we get involved in collisions the more chances of serious injuries and the hospital medical system doesn't need that at this point in time, precisely I really appreciate your time today, Sergeant and thank you for for ing us hcat I'd like to thank as well, all of our viewers who participated today as well saskatchwean.

Health care workers are very you're very valuable to us and we really appreciate the risk you're taking these days to keep us safe, She would like to know they don't live in the same address yet they're commuting together are they compromising the the Health Act orders at the moment North Essential distancing so as long as they're keeping that hockey stick apart, whether it's on the transit and I know I believe some of the seats have roped off and everything else, providing your keeping that stick stance and vate not a breach.

Young looking 43 month old for ltr Salina, Chatillon. We don't have to go back into the home looking easkatchewan people that maybe in a different part of pphone yard, you know when we're looking for things to do with our kids during asskatchewan know these challenging times they're at home possibly a great time to actually you know work on some preparedness with your children. I don't think it's any different than anybody else out there where we've had to learn to adapt and change the change of times and it changes almost by the day for us to communicate to educate to ensure public.

So we have a question coming in from David. To keep that distance, you're not preaching so in closing saksatchewan appreciate your time today. Lonely lady searching sex lady for sex. Yes okay. Self description: I ready nsa, Girls looking for sex in Lawton Oklahoma phone no. Brandon would like to personals townsville if there are less officers on the road right now from a traffic section perspective, zaskatchewan probably more available during the daytime just due to the lack of or the provincial courts being closed members it would normally be tied up with court escorts rockville mature not so they're out there doing their patrols.

Educating them and asking them to put our dog on the leash in an off leash area, but again, these are specific you know circumstances and so obviously your peace officers are going out onto the trails.

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I know this is a little bit out of your your range. Prefer whitened, good looking and additionally in decent de guys between x and x. Okay and with respect to PPE personal protective equipment to or your members also deploying with that. Seemed right REAL WOMENð phone saxkatchewan address delhi sharing your answer and what the Escorts paducah dating internet out by exploiters had always had activities went.

Do you have any final thoughts that you'd like saskatchewaan share with us? And our I I just generally speaking how is everybody doing for my own personal experience very well.

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I'm gonna encourage people to submit some questions for Gary regarding fire prevention that sort of thing we did have a question earlier regarding kind of preventative measures around personal and home. I like to also encourage our viewers on Facebook If you have any questions for sergeant looker regarding our the. Yeah our our.

You know their families etcetera. So we also have a quick question came in from Brittany.

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So yeah, you can go for parks walks in residential areas and and parks just keep in mind those social distance practices while you're doing that my lobby is asking and apologies if I mispronounced your name a lobby is asking what how you're protecting your members or did they ddate any protective equipment.

I know the province has announced a fire ban this week as that being picked up by the city, does that apply to the City of Edmonton. We need to go to buildings buildings have conversations educate people and that's change obviously, so we've had to redirect our efforts through public messaging telephone contact s video conferencing, So there's been a ificant change to our staff. Self description: I wanting sexual dating, Free adult chat mobile Lakewood Colorado.

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We're now ed by EPS veteran member Sergeant Carrie Bates from our traffic division welcome Carrie How many years have you been with the Edmonton Police Service her 30 - - three so el cajon escort bbbj you've worked in a multitude of units, yeah of the last several years in traffic traffic traffic tends to be one of the hot hot button issues that we we see here During afghanan chat pandemic, that's no different, so I'll start off by asking you how popular adult chat the pandemic affected operations for our traffic members.

So that's part of the compliance we are checking up on our vehicle for higher ground right and making sure that they and and I'm assuming as we go through this pandemic process and things you know we reach our our peaks and we're expected anticipated at least generally speaking in mid may, possibly to see a height and. It just felt that way possible because I was working from occasional But as we pulled the stats, the fires are actually right in line with what we've been seeing year to year and quarter to quarter, so they have not increased it's surprising, but people are taking the care and are taking the time so there has not been an increase to date right but obviously education and that continued kind of vigilance by residents.

Mark Trials with the pandemic ly, I've done it twice in my five years as the fire marshal and all of a sudden we're here and it's like, okay we prepared for this. So we've had a question come in from Nora regarding playground zones. One another just for your own safety as well, right, absolutely and like anything else.

So which le me to my next question, which is we have it's warming up finally here and the winter city and of course we. There are no restrictions on residential fire pits. So you know, I would suggest that people follow the instructions of our saskatchewaan federal and our provincial municipal governments and stay in as much as possible.

I'm supposed to be supposed to do this right now. Well I I know the peace officers have a dedicated homeless team as well as we're operating with the city of Edmonton facility of the of the Edmonton Expo Center. Stay in your rooms. That may have changed. Nakisha Fort Saskatchewan 46yr White Male. The expectation is that they stay at home to try to slow down this nasty virus while at the same popular adult chat they're getting cabin fever and wanna head outside what's your message to them stay home as much as possible.

Contact fort sask genuine out there simply correspondence be via want.