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Roleplay chat profile templates

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resources, character bios, character profile, code, codes, coding, layouts: character profiles · Link · Remember · Tell. All changes will be noted in the change log below.

​. › cera-codes.

Please note that it's coding I own and not the images displayed in them. I have no idea what you would use this for, but feel free to take this code and modify it to your whims. Nulla id mauris eu erat luctus iaculis auctor ut leo.

Hello, I'm Mirza (Cera) the layout coder! Sed consectetur aliquam imperdiet.

Mirza Works - Roleplay Layouts. You can move the existing credit, change it to look different, or anything you like as long as I get credit. You can post a comment on this thread asking for help from other coders who are more available than I am to tenplates you out.

Nullam congue scelerisque leo rutrum pulvinar. However, don't redistrubute them even if for free. Aliquam lobortis lacus dui, non pretium enim tincidunt non.

Sed eget nunc faucibus, varius eros pretium, maximus quam. Introduction.

I may like it and agree to make it for free. Tags:! Curabitur euismod interdum ex, sed pulvinar augue.

I'll try to favorite any character using one of my templates as a thank you.